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Nugget style stones and beads give a very trendy feel to any jewellery item. The subtle colour of the lovely lilac kunzite nuggets paired in contrast with the jet black onyx chip style nuggets gives a very elegant look to any attire. The Thai Karen Hill Tribe fine silver (95-99% pure) wire wrap drum beads have been used make it a bit traditional and it is finished off with a simple Thai Hill Tribe fine silver hook clasp.

L = approx. 17.5 inches end-to-end.

Note: Hill Tribe Silver is made by the Karen Tribe of Northern Thailand. These are all handcrafted pieces that are 95-99% pure silver. Because of the higher silver content (compared to sterling silver that is 92.5% pure), these pieces are softer and easier to shape. Oxidation, hammer marks and slight variations in design make the Karen Tribe silver pieces distinctive and unique.

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