- Any piece of jewellery must be handled delicately and treated with care. 

- It is the innate characteristic of silver to tarnish and is not a manufacturing defect. Tarnishing is a chemical process that causes silver lose it's lustre, especially as a result of exposure to air or moisture..

- One of the most important factors to keep in mind while caring for silver is to keep it away from moisture of any kind such as during a shower or while swimming.  

- Remove any jewellery before going in for a bath, a swim, a sauna room or before participating in physical exercise that causes perspiration. If the jewellery does get wet wipe it dry with a soft cloth as soon as possible.

- Silver jewellery should be worn after applying make-up, lotions, cremes and perfumes as they may contain certain chemicals that can tarnish the silver with time.

- Avoid the contact of silver with cleaning agents and products containing sulphur, salts and chlorine. Avoid wearing silver jewellery while swimming as the chlorine in the water might tarnish it.


- Wipe your silver jewellery with a soft cloth before and after use. This ensures any moisture or chemicals have been cleaned off and a build-up can be avoided.

- You can use store bought silver cleaning cloths to wipe the pieces off of any tarnish but they have to be used sparingly.

- Silver can also be cleaned by polishing them with any white fluoride containing toothpaste and wiped clean with a soft cloth after.

- Never scrub the jewellery or use detergents to clean them.



- Silver jewellery should always be stored away from harsh sunlight, heat and moisture. Never keep them in bathrooms as they will get tarnished due to the moisture.

- Always store jewellery in a cool, dark place such as cabinet drawers or jewellery cupboards.

- Jewellery should always be kept in re-sealable polythene bags, cotton lined jewellery boxes or soft cloth jewellery pouches.

- Do not store silver jewellery in leather pouches or bags.