A stunning neckpiece that is sure to get some heads turning your way! Beautifully faceted Lapis Lazuli briolettes paired with brushed Sterling Silver (.925) geometric trapezoid beads and interspersed with shaded Carnelian beads; this neckpiece is a must have for any season. It is finished off with a Sterling Silver toggle clasp.

L = 42.5 cm end-to-end.

The briolette stones have been individually wire-wrapped by hand.

Note: Hill Tribe Silver is made by the Karen Tribe of Northern Thailand. These are all handcrafted pieces that are 95-99% pure silver. Because of the higher silver content (compared to sterling silver that is 92.5% pure), these pieces are softer and easier to shape. Oxidation, hammer marks and slight variations in design make the Karen Tribe silver pieces distinctive and unique.

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