{RUDRAMADEVI} Multicoloured Gemstones and Silver Necklace with Vintage Hip Belt (Buckle) Pendant

{RUDRAMADEVI} Multicoloured Gemstones and Silver Necklace with Vintage Hip Belt (Buckle) Pendant


Destination: Andhra Pradesh, (also bordering parts of Karnataka), specific region unknown

Focal Point: The pendant is the central part of the elaborate silver hip belts worn by royalty predominently in Andhra Pradesh and also in Karnataka and some parts of Maharashtra. It is in fact the buckle portion that has been converted into a pendant.

Name Inspiration: The necklace has been named after the monarch of the Kakatiya Dynasty, Rani Rudramadevi. She was one of the very few women who ruled as monarchs and had to portray a male image to do so. In addition to her valour, bravery and administration skills she is also known to be the one who recruited non-aristocratic people as warriors, unlike her other predecessors.

Item Description: Featuring the exquisitely handcrafted central buckle portion of the vintage silver hip belt, re-purposed as a pendant, this necklace is made using multicoloured earthy gemstones such as Aventurine, Bronzite, Citrine and Agate to make it a perfect Fall/Autumn accessory as well as a versatile choice for any attire. Wear the pendant horizontally or vertically and it is bound to be a conversation starter no matter!

Length: 37 inches approx. (when measured around the neck from nape to tip of the necklace).

Please note:

  1. Colours in the picture may vary slightly from the actual product owing to camera and lighting differences as well as individual screen resolutions.

  2. Also please use a tape to measure around your neck to see how and where it would fall when worn by you. Kindly make an informed purchase as the necklace length cannot be altered.

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