{MAHADEVI} Rose Quartz and Silver Necklace with Sterling Silver Gandaberunda Pendant

{MAHADEVI} Rose Quartz and Silver Necklace with Sterling Silver Gandaberunda Pendant


Destination: Mysuru, Karnataka

Focal Point: An exquisitely made “Gandaberunda” (of Karnataka) pendant in sterling silver (92.5% purity).

The Gandaberunda is a two-headed mythical bird, which is known to possess magical powers and immense strength. It was the emblem of the Kingdom of Mysore under the Wodeyar dynasty and still remains the official emblem of the Karnataka state government.

Name Inspiration: The necklace has been named after “Akka Mahadevi” who was a prominent figure of the Veerashaiva Bhakti movement during the 12th century in Karnataka. She was one of the earliest female poetesses of the Kannada language and the “Akkamahadevi Vachanas” are her most notable works. She is seen as a great inspirational woman of Kannada literature and history of Karnataka.

Item Description: Featuring the stunning Gandaberunda in Sterling silver (92.5% purity), this necklace was made using big, faceted Rose Quartz nuggets and old silver focal beads. Giving a rich and elegant look overall, the necklace is a definite favourite as a traditional accessory to add boldness to any plain attire in the classic jewel tones.

Length: 30 inches approx. (when measured around the neck from nape to tip of the necklace).

Please note:

  1. Colours in the picture may vary slightly from the actual product owing to camera and lighting differences as well as individual screen resolutions.

  2. Also please use a tape to measure around your neck to see how and where it would fall when worn by you. Kindly make an informed purchase as the necklace length cannot be altered.

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