{KUNDAVAI} Black Lava and Silver Necklace with Vintage Coin Pendants

{KUNDAVAI} Black Lava and Silver Necklace with Vintage Coin Pendants


Destination: Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Focal Point: Three vintage silver coins from 1887, 1912 and 1916, beautifully made into pendants using the bud stick and boat taveez charms, typical of the Toda tribals of the Nilgiris.

Name Inspiration: The necklace has been named after “Princess Kundavai” of the Chola empire and who was the sister of the great King Raja Raja Chola. She is known to have been one of the strong forces behind her nephew King Rajendra Chola, and in the development and spread of the Chola empire.

Item Description: Featuring three uniquely beautiful vintage coin pendants of the Toda tribes of Nilgiris, this Lava and silver necklace is a stunner to say the least. Interspersed with Hessonite Garnets and vintage focal beads, it’s irresistable, isn’t it?

Length: 23.5 inches approx. (when measured around the neck from nape to tip of the necklace).

Please note:

  1. Colours in the picture may vary slightly from the actual product owing to camera and lighting differences as well as individual screen resolutions.

  2. Also please use a tape to measure around your neck to see how and where it would fall when worn by you. Kindly make an informed purchase as the necklace length cannot be altered.

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