{CHENNAMMA} Green Onyx, Garnet and Silver Necklace with Kemp Stones Gandaberunda Pendant

{CHENNAMMA} Green Onyx, Garnet and Silver Necklace with Kemp Stones Gandaberunda Pendant


Destination: Vadasery, Tamil Nadu & Mysuru, Karnataka

Focal Point: An exquisitely made “Gandaberunda” (of Karnataka) pendant in sterling silver (92.5% purity) in the temple jewellery style (of Tamil Nadu). It is studded with red “kemp” stones and a focal green stones (both Spinels) and beautiful silver ball dangles.

The Gandaberunda is a two-headed mythical bird, which is known to possess magical powers and immense strength. It was the emblem of the Kingdom of Mysore under the Wodeyar dynasty and still remains the official emblem of the Karnataka state government.

Kemp or Temple Jewellery is a craft form of making jewellery that is known to have originated in Vadaserry (Nagarcoil district) of Tamil Nadu. It was initially made for the royals (Cholas, Pandyas and Rayars between 9th to 16th century) and then later worn by classical Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers. Even today this jewellery is extensively worn by brides and women of South India. The characteristic feature is the intricate setting of “kemp” red Spinel stones along with green and/or blue stones as well. The jewellery was also made using rubies, emeralds and pearls and gold foil cover on them.

Name Inspiration: The necklace is named after “Kittur Chennamma” who was the Rani of Kittur, a former princely state in Karnataka. She was the pioneer in leading the fight against the British East India company in regaining the supremacy of Kittur.

Item Description: Featuring an exquisitely beautiful Gandaberunda pendant, made in the traditional “temple” jewellery style, studded with kemp stones, green focal stone and pearl dangles, this necklace is a fabulous addition to your festive wardrobe. Green Onyx, Garnet accents and beautiful Sterling silver (92.5% purity) Bor beads bring out the richness of the pendant even more.

Length: 28 inches approx. (when measured around the neck from nape to tip of the necklace).

Please note:

  1. Colours in the picture may vary slightly from the actual product owing to camera and lighting differences as well as individual screen resolutions.

  2. Also please use a tape to measure around your neck to see how and where it would fall when worn by you. Kindly make an informed purchase as the necklace length cannot be altered.

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